Surefire M3T

After tinkering with hundreds of E-series and C-series Surefires, I finally got a “big” Surefire, a M3 with the Turbohead. I was in a good mood, so I splurged and got the SW02 tailcap to go with it. I’ve actually been planning on getting one of these for a while, and I bought a couple of machined modules from Ryoichi Kato [qv] about a year ago, but never got around to building them out.

M3T vs. Mag 2C

I built this particular module with a W-binned Luxeon V and a Downboy driver set to 833ma. The module assembly is pretty straightforward, and is very similar to the McCapsule assembly process. The only significant difference is threading the lead wires through the top of the module. This took a bit of patience and some tedious work with a dental pick. Finer wire would have helped, but you go to war with the army that you have.

Once completed, the module drops right in without any modification to the light itself.

  Lamp Module in Turbohead

This is by far the tightest Luxeon V setup I’ve yet seen. The hotspot seems slightly tigheter than my hotwire Mag 2C with KPR112 bulb, which is a throw monster. Overall, it’s an impressive package, though it’s a pretty expensive one.

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