Titanium Strike Bezel for Aleph 2

Today, I received a special package from Don. Inside was a replacement bezel ring for my chrome Aleph 2 [2004.12.04]. This isn’t just any bezel ring, though; it’s Titanium with a scalloped face.

Aleph 2 Scalloped Titanium (L) and Stock Chrome Aluminum (R) Bezel Rings Aleph 2 in Chrome with Scalloped Titanium Bezel Ring

This allows the user to see if the power is still on when the light is set head-down on a table, and also gives it a little more “bite” when used as an impact “tool” (though nothing like the TID or the Porcupine).

Detail of Scalloped Titanium Bezel Ring on Aleph 2

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