Z57 Tailcap Shroud

A CPFer from Japan noticed that a replacement for the Z57 tailcap retaining ring could easily be fabricated. The stock retaining ring sits flush with the main body of the tailcap, but by making one that extends out further, you get a nice shroud to both reduce accidental activation and to enable tail-standing candle-mode.

He posted some pictures of a one-off part he made in brass [qv] and CPF went nuts. Eventually he did a small run of these in Derlin (a nylon resin which turns very easily in a lathe) and I grabbed one. It’s a hell of a mod considering it only takes 30 seconds to install.

L4 with Shrouded Z57 Closeup of Z57 with Delrin Shroud

When I finally break down and get the lathe, the first thing I’m going to do is turn a few of these in brass.

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