Prototype McLux Head Upgrade

A collector sent me a very rare pre-production McLux prototype head for an upgrade. The head is raw, brushed aluminum and has a Badboy 750ma constant-current driver. Here it is with its black hard anodized and electro-nickel finished post-production siblings:

McLux Heads

The two Electro-Nickel heads in the middle differ because the one on the left is carried every day, and has developed a dark patina from use.

The client wanted the Q3K 1-watt Luxeon replaced with a new TX1M Luxeon-III. After removing the old emitter (destroying it in the process), I discovered that this head had apparently been upgraded before:

Scratched-up Interior

Based on the gouges on the inner bulkhead wall of this head, I’m guessing the Q3K emitter was not the original emitter, which makes since considering that Q-binned Luxeons were extremely rare if not unheard of while the McLux project was in the prototype phases.

I modified a board used in the McLux PR head to center the emitter in this workpiece, then tagged it with the drive current and emitter bin:

New Emitter Installed

I thought about trimming the excess ground wire, which (in addition to running down to the driver circuit inside the head) was originally wrapped around a panhead screw that was secured in a hole that is now covered up by the centering board, but I decided to leave it in place just in case. Screwing the wire down to the head was largely overkill and is generally no longer considered a best practice, but likewise the excess flapping around isn’t going to hurt anything and may come in handy someday.

Two last views of the upgraded head:

Prototype Head on 1x123 Body Detail of TX1M Emitter

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