Lambda MiniPro Lightengine

The MadMax and Badboy drivers have been the standards for regulated Luxeon Minimag retrofits [qv] for some time now. I just received a sample of the newest drop-in pill from Lambda, the MiniPro III.

Madmax on left, Minipro on right Madmax on left, Minipro on right

MadMax+ R2K on left, MiniPro III TYOK on right. Click for larger image.

It’s just slightly taller than a MadMax sandwich, but works exactly the same way and fits into the Minimag in the same manner. It is noticably brighter than the MadMax sandwich, though that may be due to the difference in the emitters - Luxeon III (TYOK bin) in the MiniPro vs. a much older Luxeon I (R2K bin) in the MadMax. Detailed specs on output power are not yet available, but the MiniPro converter does appear to be more efficient than the MadMax. More testing will be needed.

The MiniPro does have a clear advantage in build quality. The emitter is mounted on a machined aluminum heatsink that also serves as the ground path to the battery tube. In the MadMax and Badboy sandwiches, this function is accomplished by a regular PC board coated with a thin layer of solder. Both feature similar (i.e. top-notch) fit and finish.

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal. A mere $40 turns a run-of-the mill Minimag into a pocket rocket that can outperform a $120 Surefire E2e/KL1 combo.

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