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Lambda MiniPro Lightengine

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

The MadMax and Badboy drivers have been the standards for regulated Luxeon Minimag retrofits [qv] for some time now. I just received a sample of the newest drop-in pill from Lambda, the MiniPro III.

MadMax+ R2K on left, MiniPro III TYOK on right. Click for larger image.
It’s just slightly taller than a MadMax […]

Splash-Anodized Minimag

Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

This AA Minimag has the stock type-II anodizing stripped off and replaced with green and black splash anodizing [examples].

The finish is difficult to accurately image. The stock switch, lamp, and reflector are replaced with a MadMax Plus sandwich with a Luxeon-III TWAK emitter and the new IMS SO17XA reflector.