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Titanium Strike Bezel for Aleph 2

Friday, February 10th, 2006

Today, I received a special package from Don. Inside was a replacement bezel ring for my chrome Aleph 2 [2004.12.04]. This isn’t just any bezel ring, though; it’s Titanium with a scalloped face.

This allows the user to see if the power is still on when the light is set head-down on a […]

Chrome Aleph

Saturday, December 4th, 2004

I just got some Aleph parts plated in nickel-chrome from KJ. The finish is perfect, and gives the pieces the cold feel of good tools. It’s very difficult to caputre the shininess in a photograph.

I got both the standard and newer flat-top tailcaps:

Aleph 3 Turbohead

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

I received a sample of the new Aleph 3 variant, which hosts a massive 38mm reflector. The standard Aleph 1 head uses a 27mm reflector based on that used in the Pelican M6, for reference.
As you can see, it dwarfs the Aleph 1 head:

Since it may be a while before I can […]

Aleph Light Engine Build Notes

Tuesday, October 5th, 2004

Required parts:

Aleph Light Engine Kit (Ecan, Escrew, and emitter board)
Badboy or Downboy Power Converter Board
Luxeon Emitter
Hookup Wire (0.75″ red, 0.75″ black, 1″ bare solid ground wire)

Required tools:

Soldering Iron
Thermal Epoxy
Hobby Knife
Super Glue


Flat-blade Precision Screwdriver
Needlenose Pliers
Needle Files
Non-adhesive Thermal Grease

Prep Work
Some runs of Badboy and Downboy boards have had excess copper protruding from the edge that can cause […]